FAQs | BUSYBEE SMS Software/Webclient

FAQs | BUSYBEE SMS Software/Webclient

What is SMS?

Short Message Service (SMS) is the text communication service component of phone or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices

What is the hype about SMS Marketing?

Mobile phone and SMS have become part of our lives. If you need to transmit your information/marketing message to large numbers of clientele, at a faster speed than your competitors, SMS is the perfect choice. Your message will be in the hands of your clients in seconds. There is also the possibility of SMS being forwarded to their circle of friends, colleagues and relatives, thus promoting your products and services indirectly for you. In addition, SMS allows interaction between you and your customers helping you understand your customers better.

Why do I need BUSYBEE Webclient for my company?

Imagine using conventional marketing methods (e.g. flyers, brochures, personal calls) will require huge cost on printing and manpower in the end targeting few prospects only. In comparison, choosing BUSYBEE Webclient will require only a click of a button to reach over thousands of customers at a very minimal cost.

Isn’t it cheaper if I choose conventional marketing methods instead of your BUSYBEE Webclient?

The major advantages of using BUSYBEE Webclient are speed and cost effectiveness. Conventional marketing method such as distribution of flyers, advertising through print ads, buying airtime in tv/radio, etc can be very costly. Email marketing is widely used because it is free of charge. However, many emails may be deleted and treated as spam by the clients especially if it came from an unknown source. Many would not have time to read their personal emails because of their very hectic schedules. But if you send an SMS to customers, it is 100% sure that your message will be read no matter what time and place.

I have low sales now, I don`t have money for BUSYBEE Webclient?

If you are experiencing low sales, then the more you will need a BUSYBEE Webclient to help you to attract more customers effectively at a low cost. You don’t need a huge investment for this kind of marketing tool. Experts agree that marketing isn’t something you can afford to give up when you are experiencing lean times. Many people make the mistake of removing the marketing budget at the very time when they most need it. If you want to increase your customer, you may cut total budget for marketing but you can never remove it. BUSYBEE Webclient is the solution for companies who has low budget in marketing. Results have shown that BUSYBEE Webclient could attract large numbers of new customers, as seen by big companies, organizations/institutions undertaking this same marketing strategy. Today, it is not just an era where one competes on whose products and services is better, but also, competing on who has the ability reach the customers at a faster speed, and who has a better relationship with the customers. Getting in touch on a personal basis can help your business achieve your company goals.

Why will I choose BUSYBEE Webclient from the other?

Below are the reasons:


What are the benefits of BUSYBEE Webclient?

  • Increase Traffic
  • Creates Excellent Brand Reinforcement Opportunities
  • Innovative and Entertaining
  • Measurable
  • Efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Increase Sales
  • Attract Awareness
  • Establish Personal Touch
  • Connect Customers
  • Increase Customers
  • Promote Hype
  • Increase Profits

Where can I use BUSYBEE Webclient?

  • Customer Follow Up
  • Event Announcements
  • Customer Feed Back
  • Promotion
  • Policy Renewal Reminder
  • Season Greetings
  • Sending Reminders
  • Alert System
  • Information Dissemination
  • Event Marketing
  • Sales Force Motivation
  • Latest News
  • Payment Reminder
  • Sales
  • Promotions
  • Announcements
  • Message Broadcast
  • Advertising
  • Stock Market update
  • FOREX update
  • Billing update
  • School Announcement
  • And a lot more

What are the Salient features of BUSYBEE?


What is BUSYBEE Webclient?

This is an SMS System used to send SMS via gateway (online). SMS is send with Sender ID (Brand) rather than 11 diigt mobile number. Multinational companies are using this kind of application for a more professional SMS campaign. BUSYBEE Webclient is the solution if you want Brand recognition.

What do you mean by Sender ID or Branded SMS?

Sending SMS with Sender ID is a unique form of sending SMS used by large and multinational companies in their advertising and marketing campaigns. We sometime receive SMS with a Sender ID or Brand automatically appearing in our cellphone. This is a more professional way of doing your SMS campaign and announcement.

Can I set my own Brand and Company name as Sender ID?

YES, as long as you can provide proof of ownership of your Brand. Sender ID is limited to 11 characters only.

Is there additional charges in setting my own Sender ID?

None because you have 1 FREE Sender ID per Account.

I have 2 Brands, is it possible to add additional Sender ID?

Yes you can add another Sender ID for a fee of Php 1,000.

Is BUSYBEE Webclient cheaper as compared to other competitors?


Is there a deposit requirement?


Do I need a USB GSM Modem?

No. You just need a internet connection.

Can you tell me what devices are needed for the BUSYBEE Webclient?

Any device with internet connection.

Is it hard to operate? I am not a techie person

BUSYBEE Webclient is very user friendly. Inside your application, you just press help to access user manual.

Do I need to have internet connection for this system?


Do I need SIM card to operate this?


Can I send to any countries?

Yes, you can send to over 900 operators in 180 countries all over the world.

Do I need to key in all of my contacts individually into the BUSYBEE Webclient System?

If you have your current customers’ information in Excel worksheet, you can import it directly into the BUSYBEE webclient, instead of keying it one by one into the system.

Can I group my contacts according to my SMS marketing requirement?

YES, you can group your contacts into different categories. As such, you can send SMS to targeted clientele at a click of button.

How many SMS can I send using BUSYBEE webclient?

No limit.

How many characters can each SMS contains?

BUSYBEE Webclient supports LONG SMS up to 1000 characters.

Is there delivery report?

YES, you can view the delivery record.

Is there any technical support after the purchase?

YES, we have implemented “SUBMIT A TICKET SYSTEM” for tech issues and questions. For onsite support, we will charge you PHP 700 per visit.

Can I integrate BUSYBEE weblient over my application and website?

Yes, we have API (Application Programming Interface).

We always remind our members for their outstanding dues, can we use BUSYBEE Webclient?

Yes, BUSYBEE Webclient has personalize message and scheduler.

What are your payment options?

1. Prepaid Basis

  • No Lock in
  • Processing fee is Php 1,000 (one-time)
  • You just buy credits

2. Automatic Billing (Via Paypal)

  • 1 Year Lock in
  • Processing fee is Php 1,000 (one-time)

OK how do I get started?

1. E- Agreement will be sent via email.
2. After e signing, you will receive an invoice via email from billing@mybusybee.net
3. Kindly email preferred Sender ID together with valid ID and Proof of Ownership of the Brand to my_busy_bee@yahoo.com
3. Deposit required amount to MyBusybee, Inc designated banks
4. Allow 1 day processing
5. Upon deposit verification, you will receive LOGIN details to your email
6. Login to smstool.mybusybee.net
7. You can now start using BUSYBEE Webclient

How do I contact BUSYBEE?

You can email info@mybusybee.net or chat my_busy_bee@yahoo.com. You may txt also our SMS Hotline – (0917) 837 2000



I own a lending company catering to OFW. Because I have thousand of clients, reminding clients of their monthly payment is the main problem we usually encounter. I am paying 18 staffs just to do this. Good thing that Busybee has a feature called scheduler. Now everything is automated. My savings were tremendous since it can be handled by 1 staff.

Mr. Gotianum


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