Full Time
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Day Shift

Job Overview:
Senior .NET Developer is responsible for managing the entire software development life-cycle from concept design through to implementation and application maintenance. He/She oversees the design and implementation of web applications, mobile and desktop progressive, apps, and applications that execute within Microsoft’s .NET framework and adaptation with other development frameworks.


  • Senior .NET Developer responsibilities include participating in the entire software development life cycle, debugging applications and configuring existing systems.
  • Analyzes existing code to understand performance impact and propose solutions.
  • Utilizes established development tools, guidelines and conventions including but
  • Creates efficient and logical solution designs for clients
  • Upgrades existing .NET websites and applications.
  • Troubleshoots, debugs and upgrades existing systems.
  • Prepares and maintains code for various .Net applications and resolves any defects in systems.
  • Designs and codes superior technical solutions
  • Reviews and debugs .NET applications.
  • Writes well-designed, scalable, and testable code.
  • Prepares test based applications for various .Net applications.
  • Designs software solutions that efficiently fit in an existent application ecosystem.
  • Analyze system requirements and prioritize tasks
  • Write clean, testable code using .NET programming languages
  • Develop technical specifications and architecture
  • Test and debug various .NET applications
  • Review and refactor code
  • Deploy fully functional applications
  • Upgrade existing programs
  • Support junior developers’ work
  • Document development and operational procedures
  • Meeting with technology managers to determine application and website requirements.
  • Upgrading existing .NET websites and applications.
  • Analyzing system requirements and delegating development tasks.
  • Developing technical specifications.
  • Writing scalable code for .NET software applications.
  • Reviewing and debugging .NET applications.
  • Providing support for junior developers.
  • Deploying functional websites, programs, and applications.
  • Drafting software and application operating procedures.
  • Training junior staff.


  • BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field, Information Technology, System Administration, or a closely related field, or equivalent experience required
  • Work experience as a .NET Developer
  • Proven previous work experience as a Senior .NET Developer
  • System administration and IT certifications in Linux, Microsoft, or other network related fields are a plus
  • In-depth  Knowledge of .NET languages including C#, Visual Basic.NET, C++/CLI, J#, and JScript.NET, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Github, Gitlab, Jira, Project Management Tools, Azure, ASP.Net, .Net Core, JS Ecosystem – at the very least
    proficient with front-end development languages including JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. Bootstrap and other web technologies of the current time.
  • Understanding of Software Development Life Cycle and Agile methodologies.
  • Proficiency in building web-based applications
  • Familiarity with agile environments
  • Troubleshooting abilities and Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must be a Filipino citizen living in the Philippines.


The Senior .NET Developer must have the ability to take responsibility for their own work, whilst also collaborating effectively with the rest of the team. He/She must have experience understanding and analyzing business logic for different domains and the desire to learn and adapt to new technologies, skills and grow competencies.

Additional Requirements:

  • Stable internet connection and working computer since this is a hybrid position.
Send your cover letter and resume thru email at hr@mybusybee.net using the subject title: