Have you ever heard of an SMS Hotline? Yes. An SMS Hotline. Not a Call Hotline. We always hear Call Hotlines in companies callouts, usually in reference to a number you can contact for inquiries or for after-sales service. We usually also go through Call Hotlines when we have a problem with the products we purchased or questions about certain products we would like to buy

But are you satisfied with how this type of customer service channel addresses your problems? Are you happy with the response rate that you are getting from Call Hotlines? As the name implies, a Call Hotline’s response rate should be fast. It is a “hot” line after all. But surprisingly, surveys show the exact opposite. 7 out of 10 Filipinos are not satisfied with the response rate they are getting from Call Hotlines. Most Filipinos also complain about how long they have to go through robotic instructions and how tedious the process is just to talk to a live person. Filipinos prefer instant replies to their simple questions and inquiries.

For several years now, many companies have been attempting to address this problem by adding more Call Hotline numbers and adding more workers to man the stations. Though this attempt of improving their response rate is commendable, the problem still persists. Many customers still complain about long waits when they are contacting a Call Hotline.

Fortunately, BUSYBEE has developed an answer for this challenge: the SMS Hotline!

The SMS Hotline is a vanity number published by companies as a supplement to their regular Call Hotline. If customers need an instant reply, then they can just send a text to the SMS Hotline, eliminating the need to wait for Call Hotline operators.

The results were amazing! Not only was it well received by customers as a great channel for after-sales support, companies who utilized an SMS Hotline also saw their sales at a record high. Moreover, the number of calls to the Call Hotline drastically went down, thereby reducing manpower costs.

With an SMS Hotline, your customers can now receive fast query replies that should help boost your sales. This validates that Filipinos still prefer to text rather than call.
Does your company already have one? Call us at (02) 929-2222 or (63) 917-837-2000, or visit mybusybee.net and launch your very own SMS Hotline!