Widely used

Viber has around 1 billion users, with more than 260 million monthly active users worldwide. It is used in over 193 countries, and already has over 500 million downloads from the Google play store. Around 7 million interactions happen on Viber every minute, including sales on its ecommerce platform (1 in 4 customers click buy). Your brand could be part of this community today!

Viber Business Messaging
Viber Business Messaging


One feature that Viber has consistently strived for is its security. The app makes use of end-to-end encryption, meaning only the user the message is intended for can read it. Advertisers and corporations cannot read messages and make use of your data!


Multimedia content
Viber allows more characters than SMS texts. You can also enhance your messages with clickable stickers, images, GIFs, links and call-to-action buttons.
46% Less costs
Personalizing your content for each subscriber is the key to your long-lasting and advantageous partnership. Automated segmentation of your subscribers’ database can reduce marketing costs by up to 46%.
~100% Deliverability
The app functions across operating systems of different phone models (Android, iOS, and the like). Viber campaigns have a deliverability of almost 100%.
50% Click-through rate
For VIber 90% of the messages sent are opened in the first 3 minutes and of the recipients around half click through to the sender’s website, proving that this is an excellent and effective tool for your business.
Viber Business Messaging

Easy-to-manage Viber Business Messaging Automated Marketing

  • Introductory welcome message for new subscribers
  • Suggestions on choosing a product
  • Product recommendations
  • Personalized discounts
  • Notifications on new product arrivals
  • Updates on order status
  • Sales promotions announcements
  • Special Events notifications
  • Birthday Greetings
  • Exclusive Perks to VIP members
  • Loyalty rewards


Increase sales with personalized content and targeted ads backed by AI algorithms. Busybee’s AI algorithms analyzes group contacts, labeling them into manageable segments for better market research.
Busybee does real-time processing of data it collects and stores, ensuring that segments can be built around any set criteria. This allows for accuracy in targeting and fashioning content. Creating the most effective personalized messages for your clients.
The system can automatically suggest the best segments specific for each marketing campaign. The end-to-end analytics can help effectively manage advertising campaigns transparently and effortlessly.