BUSYBEE proprietary, end-to-end platform has been the pride and glory of our company since it is the product of pure hard work and dedication of team for several years now.

We can help you innovate, scale, and increase your speed to market.

Connecting with the platform is easy.

We offer a number of scalable, extensible, custom solutions.

    Proprietary API Connection Leverage BUSYBEE’s powerful API to connect your existing IT applications to a global enterprise messaging
    Connect via our web interface and give your business access to all of our platform’s features, including omni-channel messaging and analytics.
  • Rapid Growth
    A2P SMS is rapidly growing at a tremendous pace with a projected value of $70B in year 2020
  • Global Reach
    BUSYBEE has global access to 800 operators in 190 countries.
  • Partnership
    BUSYBEE’s strength in the Philippines makes us the right partner for both local and foreign companies seeking premium termination to Philippines.