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Data Analytics (Prescriptive and Predictive)
Data analytics is the process of analyzing raw data for the purpose of inferring useful information. It is basically the act of changing indecipherable computer data into information for human application. Techniques in data analytics can reveal useful trends and metrics–to businesses–amongst the huge mass of information. This information is then used to understand the overall workings of a business or system, with the aim of optimizing them.
Weather Sensor
Weather sensors are tools used to measure the state of the atmosphere at a given time period. They collect data from the environment, sifting out the data that may be useful for understanding the weather. There are many types of weather sensors and they must work to complement each other.
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Machines being able to do tasks intelligently and independently. Machine learning and artificial intelligence speed up entire systems in that they allow for the system to process huge amounts of data with little human supervision. Their aim is basically to mimic the human decision making process, and apply it to mass data that no human could process with the same efficiency.
Smart Waste Management
Waste management is an increasing struggle in most urban areas. Especially since modernity as afforded us materials which do not decompose as fast as we use them. Smart waste management can provide a solution for the disposal or use of these waste, by optimizing the resources already available and possibly push toward better solutions in the future.
Robotics Process Automation
RPA Helps navigate the dynamic landscape of automation solutions. RPA is a type of business process automation. It is a technology based on artificial intelligence or software bots. RPAs basically repeat a set of actions which were initially done by a user.
Electricity and Water Conservation
Electricity and water are essential utilities that every human being needs. But more often than not these utilities are being badly mishandled and therefore put to waste. Data must therefore be collected to figure out the most efficient ways to optimize their usage in every household and commercial establishment.
Smart Logistics
Smart logistics involves automating the detailed coordination of a multi-step operation. These usually have individuals, facilities, materials, etc. It helps collect data on the many steps included in business logistics, and arranges the data in a way that makes it useful to the business owner or customer.
Livestock Tracking and Geo-Fencing
The human population consumes tons of animal by-products daily. This means that the business of livestock is huge and deals with large numbers. It is therefore, of utmost importance that there is a clear and organized record of these resources. Livestock tracking and geo-fencing are technologies that address these very concerns.
Parking Management
Parking management refers to a number of programs and policies which are geared to creating a more efficient use of parking resources.
Customer service is a necessary aspect of every business. But as a business grows it becomes excessively difficult to address every customers’ concern. ChatBots help moderate these numbers by automating the act of answering inquiries and concerns.
Water Level Sensor
Water level sensors detect the levels of liquid, fluids, and other fluidized solids, which exhibit an upper free surface. This can be an indispensable tool for collecting data which may be used for many kinds of studies, either for scientific research or for large-scale industrial manufacturing.
Augmented Reality
AR is the act of creating a virtual space where people can actively interact with virtual objects. It is a multi-sensory experience of computer-generated perceptual information.
Traffic Monitoring
Traffic monitoring is the method of using a computer to collect useful data on the nature of incoming and outgoing traffic. This data can then be used to identify problem areas in the road systems, and figure out solutions for them accordingly.
Internet of Things
It is the integration of Internet connectivity into everyday objects. This is the foundation of the idea of the “smart home,” the “smart car,” and others.


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