SMS Gateway in Philippines

A NEW SMS Gateway in Philippines PLATFORM IS HERE!

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SMS Gateway in Philippines

Branded SMS Gateway in Philippines notifications offer a unique form of brand recognition, while at the same time making communication more professional. The Busybee BRANDTXT messaging platform covers over 900 mobile networks across 180 countries. It boasts a wide range of fully-set and user-friendly web SMS features, along with an API for easy integration with any application and website. BrandTxT is widely used for welcome SMS, payment reminders, announcements, transaction alerts, birthday greetings, and a lot more.


SMS Gateway Fast and Effective

Branded SMS Gateway in Philippines (sometimes called corporate SMS) is a unique SMS form that uses an alphanumeric Sender ID. Instead of a number, the Sender ID becomes the company name or brand, for example BDO, Nike, Ayala, Megaworld, SM, or PLDT. It’s frequently used by multinational companies, big organizations, and even SMEs. Whether for business critical information, promos, scheduled maintenance, confirmations, or alerts, the BUSYBEE mobile platform will provide a direct, real-time, and engaging branded SMS experience for your customers.

SMS Gateway Notification

Automate communication to ensure that important notifications are delivered fast, securely, and directly to the individual. Manual sending of confirmation and critical messages are things of the past.

Cebu Pac: “Big Sale on the way! Plan ahead & find great travel deals with Cebu Pacific. Log on to at 12mn, September 28, 2014.”

SMS Gateway in Philippines
SMS Gateway in Philippines

SMS Gateway Marketing

Because messaging is an integral part of any communications and SMS Gateway marketing strategy, BUSYBEE will help you reignite your relationship with customers, drive loyalty through special promos, and revive engagement through exclusive programs.

BDO: “Get a chance to win 100% rebate for a P1K single-receipt purchase at The SM Store with your BDO MasterCard! Promo runs until 12/31/2014. T&Cs apply. Visit for details. DTI2071S14. Text STOP to 09229998000 to unsubscribe.”

SMS Gateway Confirmations

BrandTxT allows you to automate the instant confirmation of transactions or purchases, account details, and other important information for greater customer satisfaction!

Citibank: “Your last payment of PHP 32,198.49 was received on Sep 18, 2014 for your card/account 1365.”

SMS Monitoring

Real time and remote monitoring of critical infrastructure and processes allow clients to free up resources from behind the desk, contributing to increased efficiency and reduced costs.

ePlus: “Your ePlus account is running low on balance. Your current balance is 100 as of Oct 10, 2014. To reload, just go to any ePlus outlets or visit”

SMS Disaster Response

In case of emergencies and disasters, flash SMS is critical for a fast, reliable, and efficient transfer of warnings and alerts.

Globe: “Typhoon NENENG enhanced the northeasterly winds resulting to rough to very rough sea conditions over the northern and eastern seaboards of Northern Luzon. Fisherfolks and those with small seacrafts are advised not to venture out over these seaboards.”

SMS Gateway in Philippines
SMS Gateway in Philippines

SMS Scheduler

Automate birthday and anniversary greetings as well as appointment schedules to improve wow factor for customers.

Ayala Malls: “Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. Happy Birthday.”


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BUSYBEE SMS Gateway in Philippines OVERVIEW

  • Web-based
  • Affordable
  • Free Sender ID
  • No need for SIM
  • No need for modem
  • High-Speed sending


  • Any laptop or desktop computer
  • Busybee web client Account
  • Credits
  • Internet connection


The following guidelines are the do’s and don’ts when creating campaigns using Busybee SMS Gateway in Philippines BrandTXT.

BUSYBEE teams are open for