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Powerblast Releases History

This is an archive of every release we’ve done that we have a record of.
None of these are safe to use, except the latest version of PowerBlast, which is actively maintained.
Version Release Date Download
PowerBlast V5.6.0 January 19, 2020 PowerBlast V5.6.0 Installer
User's Manual
PowerBlast V5.5.0 March 27, 2016 PowerBlast V5.5.0 Installer
User's Manual
PowerBlast V5.3.0 January 28, 2016 PowerBlast V5.3.0 Installer
PowerBlast V5.0 January 3, 2016 PowerBlast V5.0 Installer
PowerBlast V4.0 December 23, 2015 PowerBlast V4.0 Installer
PowerBlast V3.0 December 21, 2015 PowerBlast V3.0 Installer
PowerBlast V2.0 December 16, 2015 PowerBlast V2.0 Installer
PoweBlast V1.0 December 1, 2016 PoweBlast V1.0 Installer

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