Many industries and corporations still use SMS as part of their processes. In fact, companies cannot eliminate SMS in the chain because it is simply the fastest and the most efficient channel to send out messages from point A to point B. It’s also still in use in ordering, inventory, internal communication, appointment setting, and some other parts of the supply chain. The use of mobile devices is necessary in order to send these SMS, and the more devices you have, the more manpower you need to operate them. And the more manpower you have, the more you’re spending.

BUSYBEE provides industries and corporations with an SMS platform that is fast, accurate, efficient, and best of all, manpower-free. We have been in the forefront of SMS customization for several years now, working with many brands on our way to where we are. The companies we’ve worked with were so amazed with our work that up to now, they remain thankful with the results they got after automating their process.

If you want to feel the same growth our clients have experienced, tell us your manual process and we will recommend and develop an SMS platform uniquely suited for your needs.

Call us and we will automate.

SMS Inventory System
SMS Auto Appointment System
SMS Billing Application
SMS Ordering System
SMS Survey/Data Gathering
SMS Feedback System
SMS Auto Forward System
SMS Billing Auto Reply System
SMS Complaint System
Loyalty Rewards SMS System
VIP Status Inquiry System
Mobile coupon
Scheduled SMS Payment Reminder
Meeting SMS Alert
SMS Support System
Target Stock Price Alert
Auto SMS Birthday/Seasons Greetings