Text Blast Software Philippines

(Text Blast Software Philippines) VERSION 5.6.0 IS NOW AVAILABLE!

Be one of the first users of Busybee Text Blast Software latest version and experience SMS blasting like never before.

Busybee Text Blast Software Philippines is the pillar of our company’s success. This state-of-the-art SMS messaging system is the product of two years of hard work of our programmers, developers, and engineers. PowerBlast’s edge over its competitors is its simplicity. Its interface is very simple yet comes packed with powerful SMS features. Unlike other open source software, Busybee PowerBlast is a proprietary application with a unique look and design anchored on enhanced functionality.

The Busybee Text Blast Software Philippines is protected by copyright law and is trademarked under the Intellectual Property Office.

With over 106 million cell phone users in the Philippines, the country has a firm hold on its status as the undisputed text capital of the world. Busybee PowerBlast allows businesses to tap this customer pool in the simplest and most cost-efficient way possible.

  • Imagine the power of promoting products and services to millions of cell phone users individually.
  • Imagine the power of getting connected to your customers, constituents, members, students, or staff on a personal basis.
  • Imagine the power of this innovative marketing trend that made Barack Obama president of the United States.
  • Imagine taking advantage of a very powerful, convenient, and cost-effective communication tool.
  • Imagine the power of being able to reach more than 106 million cell phone users throughout the country.
  • Imagine the power of having the ability to interact with them individually on a personal basis.
  • Imagine the power of being able to ask questions and getting answers in real-time.
  • Imagine the power of getting real-time opinions and feedback from customers, constituents, members, students, or staff.
Text Blast Software Philippines

Send Bulk SMS

Communication with customers is the foundation of success in any business whether small or large, and it can sometimes pose a challenge to business owners. BUSYBEE enables entrepreneurs to send out thousands of SMS with just one click. Send SMS in bulk using PowerBlast.

SMS Hotline

Customer service is necessary for any small, medium, or large enterprise to give clients a memorable experience. An SMS hotline will allow customers to reach you quickly so you can immediately address their concerns. Start yours today!

Auto Reply SMS

One of the most common complaints and negative feedback from customers is about inquiries not being returned swiftly.

Flash SMS

In times of disasters and emergencies, SMS is the best communication tool for rapid information dissemination. Flash SMS is a unique form of SMS where the message appears immediately on the home screen of a phone, resulting in immediate readership. Flash SMS is also a feature of Busybee PowerBlast.

Text Blast Software Philippines
Text Blast Software Philippines

Team TxT

You can easily host an SMS chat room using Busybee PowerBlast. Not only can you coordinate with members via SMS, you can also create multiple SMS chat groups within your organization.

Group TxT

While sending SMS to a group is a common messaging feature, smartphones have one limitation that users fail to notice: the ability to manage group members. With BUSYBEE, you can easily manage and send SMS to a contact group.

Template SMS

Businesses usually receive repetitive questions from customers that can be easily answered with a template. Using BUSYBEE’s SMS templates, clients can make the reply system faster and more efficient.

Personalized SMS

Sending personalized SMS with the customer’s name will provide an edge over competitors. BUSYBEE allows businesses to send out thousands of personal SMS that will delight customers through first name greetings.


PowerBlast also features a scheduling feature. Equivalent to a virtual worker, it allows you to do all your regular tasks even when you’re on a faraway vacation.


  • Compatible with any GSM modem
  • 2-way Messaging
  • Sending SMS without an internet
  • Auto Port Detection
  • Compatible with any SIM whether Globe, Smart and Sun
  • Sending to Groups, Barangay, City, etc.
  • Sending to Individual
  • Sending from PhoneBook
  • Sending from Excel
  • Message Templates with Title
  • SMS Signature
  • Auto Acknowledgement Reply
  • Caller ID
  • Sending and Receiving Concatenated Long SMS up to 1000 characters.
  • Auto Combine features for Long Multiple SMS parts
  • Accept raw data with Unformatted Mobile Numbers.
  • Converter feature that Auto Format Mobile Numbers
  • Batch Features to identify incoming SMS
  • Instant Reply from operator even if there is pending queued SMS
  • Exporting Data to excel from Inbox.
  • Saving mobile number from Inbox to PhoneBook
  • Importing Contacts from Excel to PhoneBook
  • Transfer Contacts from one group to the other
  • Creating and Managing Groups
  • Creating Contact Profiles
  • Sending to Short Codes or an Access Codes
  • Mobile Prefix changes so that system can be used in any country
  • Advance Inbox with Filtering System – name, mobile number, batch, message contents and dates
  • Flagged SMS
  • Signal Bar Display
  • Priority Sending
  • Sent Messages History
  • Real Time Status Counter
  • System Clock
  • Automatic Birthday Reminders
  • Bubble Conversation Threads
  • Forwarding SMS to Individual
  • Forwarding SMS to a Group
  • Unsubscribe Button
  • Block List
  • System MUST have Audible Alerts for incoming SMS
  • System MUST have Password Protection
  • Back up/Restore features
  • Sending Branded SMS via Gateway (OPTIONAL)
  • Branded SMS Auto Reply via Gateway (OPTIONAL)


  • SIM card with load
  • 3G modem stick
  • Any laptop or desktop computer
  • Parallels (for Mac users)


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