The Difference of Writing Online: Keeping Things Simple

Let’s go straight to the point on this one, most online readers, they don’t care how much of an expert you are as a writer. They don’t care about the structure, or the scholarly deep words, or maybe how artistic you are with words. They care about information. They are looking forward to what have you written that will serve them well.


It’s not about the length, the world online is not a college thesis. This is only an information-filled field. Online readers are not reading to judge whether you did good in writing class or not.


This is one thing to consider, all online readers are “scanners.” Which means they don’t read on your articles thoroughly. They only look for the important information they can get. (For tips on how to deal with “scanners,” go to

Your construction should be more conversational so it would only seem like you’re talking to them. You’re their partner, you’re helping them, not impressing them with the way you write.You have to be direct to the point. Don’t let your readers get bored on an intro so long that they would already leave your site before entering your main point.

Don’t use words that only you and your company could understand. Don’t blind your readers with constant combination of deep words, they are not helping, and sometimes they would make you look pretentious.  As much as possible, convert that to a more reader-friendly word.

It doesn’t matter if you think it’s too short. As long as you have all the information you think the readers need, it’s okay. Actually, writing a web content shouldn’t be too long.


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