Mybusybee, Inc. CEO Rico Hernandez is Included in the Top 100 Filipinos of 2023 on LinkedIn

In a triumph of inspiration and influence, Rico Hernandez, the visionary CEO of Mybusybee, Inc., has secured his place among the Top 100 Filipinos to Follow on LinkedIn for Inspiration and Learning in 2023. Rico’s journey to the top 35 in this esteemed list is a story of dedication and impactful content that resonates across the LinkedIn community.



Out of over 450 nominations, Rico’s commitment to meaningful engagement stood out, securing him a spot among the final 249 nominees. The Top 100 Filipinos Team, responsible for this prestigious initiative, carefully evaluated quantitative and qualitative factors, ensuring a balanced assessment of Rico’s reach and impact.

Rico’s knack for creating compelling content earned him a coveted position in the top 35 and placed him at an impressive 7th spot among the Top Filipino Content Creators on LinkedIn. His ability to connect with the audience reflected in engagement rates and a growing follower base, showcases the genuine impact of his contributions.

As the driving force behind Mybusybee, Inc., Rico’s leadership extends beyond the business realm to the digital landscape. His achievement aligns with the vision of the Top 100 Filipinos Team to celebrate exceptional minds shaping the Filipino professional community on LinkedIn.

For a deeper dive into Rico’s journey and the complete list of inspiring Filipinos, check out the article on Rico Hernandez’s recognition not only reflects his success but also highlights Mybusybee, Inc.’s commitment to excellence in leadership and digital influence. Congratulations, Rico, on this well-deserved accolade, and we look forward to your continued impact on LinkedIn!

Written by: Patricia Monica B. Santiago