BUSYBEE reaffirms commitment to lead innovation efforts for PH

The word innovation always associates with the advancement of society. It enhances the capacity of the government and private business sector to act on newfound solutions in resolving social and communication management problems in different contexts. Through the use of technology, there is an improved performance of task efficiency and better use of resources at hand. 

Innovation for Digital Transformation 

In modern times, the broad idea of digitalization and the effective use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are critical determinants of a nation’s successful innovation. On the other hand, innovation does not necessarily imply merely new inventions of technological products but also aims to encompass a novel approach to business relationships and new marketing strategies suited to fulfill an efficient and innovative nation. 

Fortunately, the Philippines remains to be among the world’s most innovative economies according to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). As we are considered one of the developing countries in Asia, exerting visible efforts for innovation can make a huge impact on the economic growth targets of our nation. We envision more investments, generating more and better quality jobs, and producing higher-value products that will benefit the Filipino people. 

Leading Innovation for the Filipino Nation 

For over a decade, creating top-quality digital solutions and providing high-caliber services appropriate to the needs of both the government and business landscape in the Philippines has always been a priority of BUSYBEE. These digital solutions and services empowered many businesses, opening more opportunities for Filipinos to thrive during one of the most challenging times of this decade — the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To further advance the company’s mission, Busybee introduces its new brand tagline, “Leading Innovation for the Filipino Nation”. The mission continues the decade of service to the Filipino people with quality digital solutions and services customized to the need of the local businesses. BUSYBEE aims to innovate, collaborate and imbibe progressive growth in the realms of digital marketing. The goal is to alleviate the barriers toward digital transformation as it supports utilizing technology with competence and calculated marketing strategies. Brands, Government agencies, and more Filipino-led organizations can further scale up their operations with the help of BUSYBEE. It is essential to note that the success of this move for innovation must have the right mindset and outlook. Thus, we can harness the benefits offered by technology and utilize it to our every advantage. 

“Beyond the words in BUSYBEE’s brand tagline is a path of clarity in serving a greater purpose in the daily lives of the Filipino people with the use of technology and innovation.” Said Rico Hernandez, CEO of MyBusybee, Inc. 

“I believe that we can help and take part in the direction of our country’s feat in reaching its full potential if we empower various private enterprises as well as government organizations by providing them solutions that will drive their way towards digital transformation, innovative revolution, and technological advancement. In addition, one crucial key for our nation to advance in this race is by equipping the workforce with technological facilities, mastering digital skills, and supporting the new generation of startups in their innovation. Nevertheless, that’s what BUSYSBEE is all about – leading the spark of innovation towards the success of the Filipino nation.” he added. 

New Challenge After a Decade 

While there is an unprecedented growth in digital technology adoption driven by the pandemic, the next challenge is how to sustain its use in the medium to long term run in the business. There are a lot of factors to consider such as the rising of hybrid work, office culture management, client relationships, and expertise in the use of integration of all the new digital technologies.

According to OpenGov website, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) participated in the discussion of the reaffirmed government’s commitment to digital transformation in the Philippines. There is a wide range of advantages optimizing the benefits of technology in the local business scene both large enterprises and the marginalized trades in rural areas. The capacity-building initiatives preparing Filipinos for the digital economy complement these efforts. Amidst these gains, the challenge is to educate different sectors in catching up with the digital transformation in all aspects of transactions for different institutions. With that, enhancing plans to be more responsive to the actual needs and demands of the Philippines ICT landscape is imperative. 

In a broader sense, the digital adoption of Filipinos has been challenged and accelerated in the past year, particularly in a wide range of economic activities – micro, small and medium enterprises conducting online and even the education sectors realizing the critical role of distance learning. It must be a collective effort from companies, clients, government sectors, and digital solution agencies. Thus, BUSYBEE, as a digital solutions company,  will be more focused on bridging the gap between the challenges and opportunities brought by the wave of digital transformation in the country.