Beyond Customer Satisfaction:  Making a Difference this Holiday Season

MyBusyBee Inc. has a long history of providing inspiring corporate social responsibility service in the some of the most untamed parts of the Philippines since its early-founding days. In fact, its flagship foundation “Hands and Feet Good News Foundation” has been making a positive impact in the lives of Filipinos since 2014.  

The foundation’s humble beginnings started as a tiny Saturday Kids Bible School with just a little over 70 children. Over the past few years, the foundation has grown to reach over 200 children through consistent Bible classes with over 50 youth leaders ready to teach God’s word. These same youth leaders were the first beneficiaries of the HFGN foundation who in turn serves as their community youth leaders. 

In addition to these programs, MyBusybee’s foundation have been developing House Churches since 2016 and organizing free “operation tuli” since 2015. On these same house churches, the foundation conducts weekly Bible studies with parents and youth and sponsoring junior and youth summer camps to train and develop their God’s given gifts and skill in serving their community and church.

HFGN Foundation aims to “make disciples and do good work for children, family, community in order to bring Filipinos closer to God”, it envisions “to be a well-known organization in making disciples and doing good work among unreached Filipino communities”. 

We’re more than just a tech company

The HFGN foundation is now able to support MyBusyBee’s nationwide nation-building initiatives throughout the Philippines. Feeding hundreds of hungry kids while teaching bible stories, conducting yearly “daily vacation Bible School” and providing free dental and medical care to those in need, while, remaining accountable as Faithful servants of the Lord.

In spite of the pandemic, the organization has been able to distribute Noche Buena Baskets to the needy and Scholarship grants to diligent students and pupils.


One of the foundation’s upcoming projects is establishing a livelihood program for the parents and guardians in Sitio Payong, Quezon City. The foundation will give sewing trainings and workshops to residents, primarily mothers and guardians, in order to increase their sewing knowledge and abilities while also empowering them. It is one of the long-term goals of the foundation’s livelihood initiative that this will serve as a route for the inhabitants to produce or obtain revenue for their families through this activity. Furthermore, this livelihood project will not only be implemented in Sito Payong Area 4 but will also be implemented in other areas that the foundation will adopt in the near future.

Join us in spreading the word of God while providing an impact to underprivileged communities across the Philippines.  To know more about MyBusyBee’s corporate social responsibility activities, visit the Hands and Feet Good News Foundation.


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