Busybee’s Website Development: Well-Designed, Well-Maintained

Hello there! It’s me, Bee!

Everyone needs a website, whether you’re a small, medium, or big enterprise, at this point of time, with everything going digital now, all businesses should be as well.

Starting with Digital Marketing 101; having a website.

But do you think having a website is enough? Believe me, there’s more to that!

You have to keep it a point that you’re website is secured, fully functioning, well-designed and most importantly; mobile optimized.

Firstly, security, if your website is not that much protected, chances are, you are prone to hackers. And we know how bad that can go, especially now with serial hackers targeting big companies and even small ones on a global basis, losing important business information.

A website has to have its functions well-made. Think of how much of a turn-off it will be if your audience ventures your website only to find out that some of, say, buttons are not working at all. And it should be mobile-friendly as well, given at how everyone’s on their mobile phones right now. It’s a hassle how a website, when opened on a phone, appears on a phone as how it would on a desktop. Imagine the hassle of resizing and dragging the screen.

Finally, of course, one of the best factors that attract audiences in is the fact that the website they’re looking at isn’t that irritating to the eyes. Meaning a design that stands out than your competitors, giving you that more professional look.


And yes, you know where I’m going with this. 

Busybee’s Website Development is a service trusted by companies of both Government and private agencies. 

Our designs are top-notch, just check out the home page of this website. Killer, right? And we don’t just stop there, because Busybee will make sure that your website is well-maintained and fully-functioned. 

In terms of Security, we got that covered with Busybee’s Acunetix. A vulnerability scanning system that checks out your website for possible loopholes that any hacker might use as a gateway inside your website. 


Yep, we got it all here, (everything digital marketing, that is). SO, where do you want to start?

Check them out here: