Common Christmas Practices that your Brand Should be Doing NOW

It’s the holiday season again, and while you’re sitting there wondering how will your brand handle possibly the busiest time of the year, well, we got you covered!

Start here…

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    Marketing has always been a race, and especially when the Christmas season approaching, you have to be that brand who’s ahead of everyone else. Start your campaign as early as the end of Halloween and not when December comes. Or if you want to be much earlier, how about when September starts? But that would confuse your campaign as Halloween would approach you two months after.

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    Just as how you would decorate your own office, never forget to decorate the things online that represent your brand: social media and your website. Show your audience how you embrace the holiday spirit well by graphically demonstrating your participation. Change up your page’s profile picture and cover photo. Momentarily change your website background, and all that.

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    Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing, name it, they’re all effective this Christmas. Don’t start on all the gimmicks, all the holiday props and tricks. Start with something simple by reaching out through your audiences and telling them that you have this and that to offer.

    Email Marketing for a more formal approach in terms of reaching a business to business client. SMS Marketing for a more personal way of reach. And Social Media Marketing, well because who doesn’t have a social media account, right?

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