Common Mistakes of Newcomers in Digital Marketing

To those who are new with Digital Marketing, those who’ve had a long time clinging on to the traditional ways of marketing, keep in mind that as a newcomer, some might make these common mindsets that’ll sometimes lead to an error of practice in digital marketing if not dealt with early.



With new tools to try and new territories to venture on, Digital Marketing makes up to a new level of promoting a brand. That being said, every marketers don’t need to quickly implement these tools into usage, unless they’ve been learnt.

A good, well-planned campaign, that took time to be constructed, is the better way to go.

Especially given today’s wild internet jungle, an unprepared campaign won’t budge through, falling into the area of failed digital marketing campaign executions.



Entering digital marketing and you have to take this in mind…everyone is on mobile now! So it’s not enough that you put up your own website, you have to consider the fact that your market, in whatever population they may be, are on their mobiles more often than they are on a desktop computer. Make sure that your campaign has something mobile-friendly. Optimize your website to fit a phone. These devices  are, well, mobile so you can reach them any time, especially with their easy access on the internet or the fact that they quickly read text messages once they’ve been received (which is very handy for SMS Marketing).



Just social media? When millions of people around the globe each have an account for any social media sites. To most entrepreneurs who’ve been exposed with digital marketing for long, they know that they should be abusing this fact to reach millions of potential new markets, referring to social media managing experts to help them out.



Remember, former United States President Barack Obama’s email marketing campaign? How it didn’t cling on to formality? Instead, his team had used a more people-friendly words combined, like words usually said by a common man, or a very close friend, making a successful marketing run.

Some entrepreneurs see emails as a tool of formality. It still is, but when you use emails to your clients, that kind of email has a little chance of getting opened.  Keep it friendly, and think the words on the subject line through.



Finally, being new to Digital Marketing, you need a friend to help you out. And that’s where we come in!

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