Customer engagement using SMS: how to make texts more meaningful

While SMS marketing can be thought of as a mostly one way street, there are ways to make the experience more meaningful for customers. Yes, if you really want engagement, social media is the way to go. But the humble SMS has learned quite a few tricks during its almost 25 years of existence. It is possible to facilitate engagements that are not solely anchored on traditional promos and offers. Below are some ways to help you interact with customers on a more personal level.

Do polls and surveys

One of the most basic ways to connect with your customers is to create survey campaigns. Hindsight dictates that these polls be about suggestions on how your business can improve its products and services. That’s perfectly valid. Actually listening to constructive criticism and implementing solutions will prove that you care about what customers have to say. By feeling that they’re part of the change, customers will have more affinity towards your brand. Simple things such as this will go a long way towards having loyal clients. You can also create “just for fun” polls based around popular culture and current trends. Even though customer engagement isn’t guaranteed, these will show that your brand has personality.

Games and contests with incentives

Have a new product? Send your customers a multiple choice question and let them guess what it is. Ask them who will win in the playoffs. Send out random trivia games regarding your services. Let them vote on the name of your newest offering. To drive engagement, occasionally reward those who will respond with your best offers, whether that be a discount, buy one get one promos, or value-added services such as being the first to know about your latest products and services.

Set automatic and human-made responses for queries

For most industries, an automated two-way text messaging system can easily be set for various inquiries. By automating responses to certain keywords, such as POINTS INQUIRY, BALANCE, PRODUCT AVAILABILITY, and ACCOUNT UPDATES, you’re freeing up valuable manpower resources which can be used for other purposes. Purposes such as bolstering your customer service system. If your customers have queries that doesn’t fit into a keyword, they can still text you and your representatives can help them with tailor-made responses. In having actual human interaction through text, you’re improving the overall customer experience.

Text referrals

You can also do the social media equivalent of “Tag X of your friends and get a chance to win…” through SMS. All you have to do is assign each customer’s’ mobile number its own unique code so you can easily gauge how far your campaign has spread. The unique codes can also serve as a mobile coupon, providing customers even more motivation to forward your message to their contact list.

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