Email Marketing is Still Alive pt. II


Right, so we’ve established the basics of why email marketing is very much still alive and should still be utilized today. But if you want to recall those tips before reading further this one, here!


Okay! Now, here are some more grounds to cover if part one hasn’t really convinced you to engage on email marketing.



Ask your recipients something relevant enough to make them respond to your emails, or even to make them open it in the first place. Something that relates to an issue in which your brand is known for giving solution to.

You’re making them feel like you’re checking on them in terms of their needs, like a friend. Make them realize, just by asking a question that they need your product and/or service.



Don’t sound like one of those online autoreply bots that would start a message with a generic greeting. Hi. Hello. I am a robot (insert robotic autotune). Now as we’ve established, in emailing your clients, you need to sound more like a friend, more like a human being in general.  In this note, you have to also keep it in mind that you must have a consistent tone when it comes to talking through your email so that if you get your recipients to engage with you, at least it won’t be hard establishing a relationship knowing that they’ve been speaking to the same person all through the course of their engagement with the brand.



Spontaneity works best to generate legitimate enthusiasm.  Stop making an emailing pattern. Something like how many words should you use, or what kind of subject line will you do. Send emails however you want it. It sprouts out that personal factor that you should give, and that your recipients should read.



There may still be some few grounds left to cover. And we’re going to keep tackling them until you’ve finally settled in the fact that email marketing is still worth investing to!


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