Email Marketing is Still Alive pt. III

We’re still covering a lot of grounds on why emailing marketing is still as effective as it was. With that, here are more reasons why!


(Before you begin, missed out on parts one and two? Check them here!



SLAP THEM (no, not literally) WITH THE ‘YOU’ WORD

Emphasizing that your market needs what you have to offer is a good way to ensure a conversion from reader to consumer. Use YOU a lot.

Like YOU have this particular problem, now YOU need my product/service to fix it. YOU need to have this now while supplies still run.

Addressing your market as YOU, adds up to a more personal approach. Makes you look like you’re actually talking to your market, which you should really sound like in your email campaigns.

But don’t overdo it. We don’t want you to seem like you’re just barking orders at your possible market.



If you’re thinking a generic message with a generic greeting won’t be enough for your readers (and yes, they’re not enough), present them with an issue they hate most, that will eventually lead to your brand solving the problem.

Everyone loves a problem solved.

And everyone surely loves other people solving problems for them. Make them see that fact on your content and boom (boom is when you convert them into consumers)!



If you’re sending email campaigns to first time recipients, don’t immediately order them to buy something from you. That’s generic. And generic is sometimes booooooooring. What you need to do, as we’ve established a couple of times, is you need to sound like a friend in your content. So, establish. Take it as slow as possible to the point where your possible market wouldn’t notice that they’re being sales-talked into buying something.



Anywaaaaaaaaayyy. Maybe there are still some grounds to cover. We’ll see. And we’ll definitely keep you posted!


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