‘Hey,’ ‘I’m Saving You A Seat’: How Barack Obama Proved Email Marketing Is Effective

They say the success rate of Email Marketing is low. This is due to the fact that most people don’t really open their emails unless it’s work-related or if someone they knew sent them the email. Another reason is because of security. See, many Email Marketing campaigns would opt to use personalization by using the recipient’s name in the message. But recent studies have shown that this is not effective rather it is alarming to some people due to fear of identity theft of any crime related.

With all that said, back on his Presidential Campaign, former U.S President Barack Obama and a team of marketers actually raised about $690 Million in their fundraising with one of their biggest helps being Email Marketing.

What was it that they did?

Using an official email account under the name of Obama, those who shared email addresses back at the campaign received email messages that some would say a little unorthodox for a Presidential Candidate.

What hooked a lot of people was how the email’s subject lines were written. With words like, ‘Hey’ or ‘Wow’ to even ‘Meet me for dinner.’

And when have you ever heard someone running for presidency say, ‘Hell No!’

It’s crazy, but effective that’s for sure! It made them feel like Barack Obama was one of the people in their neighborhood who you could talk to anytime you like. And earning $690 Million says a lot to prove that Email Marketing is still effective, you just have to use it the right way!


Keep your subject lines short. Who here reads a long subject line? Chances are, no one. Keep it short and simple.

Be conversational and friendly. Stop it with the formality. Most of your market don’t appreciate that. Win your market’s trust by making them see that you are not just an entrepreneur who wants people to buy something from you. Make them see that you are a friend, providing solution to a friend. Don’t expect immediate answers from your market if you sent them a bland email.

Tell them something unique. Hook the recipient’s attention by tickling their curiosity and making them open your message. Of course, you have to live up to what they are expecting. It’s a turn-off if you led them to someplace different than what you’re subject line’s saying.

Obama’s use of digital marketing is one of the best examples of an effective digital marketing today.  He established connection through marketing. And hats-off to the minds behind for taking the marketing campaign to a whole new level.

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