Why Email Marketing Will Always be EFFECTIVE thanks to BEEZMAIL?

Okay, as we’ve established for weeks now, we looooooove email marketing. We think it’s one of the most underrated and yet effective tools in digital marketing. Still, as effective as it may be, some people still feel like it shouldn’t be used at all.

As tackled from previous articles (which you can visit here https://www.mybusybee.net/busybee_blog/), email marketing is still effective today, if only done the right way.

With that, enter Busybee’s BEEZMAIL, the right way to email marketing!

Take the opportunity to reach your clients while keeping a very professional composure thanks to BeezMail, the easy-to-use email platform, designed to help you send out emails and newsletters with style in three easy steps:




Who cares if you’re not that much of a design expert? BeezMail’s DROP AND DRAG FUNCTIONS and built-in TEMPLATE GALLERY will make sure that you put up your own personal and professional touch on your messages.

Send out emails that are MOBILE-FRIENDLY, so that your messages will fit any screen whether your recipients are on their phones or on their computers.

BeezMail also sends out LIVE DELIVERY REPORTS so that you’ll keep track on how your email campaign’s doing.




Busybee BeezMail wants Email Marketing to still level with today’s tools of the Digital Marketing world.

So get BeezMail now, here at Busybee!!!

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