Looking for a Software Reseller? We Got Your Back!

Hi there!

So, one of the problems on coming up with a quality software is having to worry on how to sell them. Requiring a whole new area that needs a whole new field of expertise, unless you’re a big company that has it all from the development team to the marketing team.

But, there are aspiring creators that don’t have a complete set of team yet.

That’s why here at Busybee, we are giving those certain people a chance.

If you’re confident that you’re product has that quality that helps out those who struggle with any digital issue, or a tool that eases work well, you can partner with Busybee.


Simple, aside from Busybee having a whole marketing team that reaches to clients well, there is also the fact that we cater on both companies and government agencies. We have a diversity in terms of clients, and getting your software exposed to these clients is a great plus for you!

And even if you are an established company, but still need a whole new team to resell your software, we got your back. You’re welcome here!


So start with us, where everything Digital Marketing’s at! Just go to https://www.mybusybee.net/ or follow our Official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/officialbusybee.textblast/ and contact (02) 929-2222 or (63) 917-837-2000 now!