PETYA: The Second Wave of the ‘Ransomware’ Storm

BEWARE! The Ransomware wave is far from over.

Just as the world’s been preparing or recovering from last May’s ‘WannaCry’ Virus, that took the computers of about 150 countries hostage in exchange for a payment via the bitcoin system, another ransomware virus surfaces the online world. This time, hitting more big companies.

Recently, the world’s been hit again, with a ransomware virus called ‘Petya’.  Targeting companies like the Ukrainian International Airport, several banks and a power grid. The biggest oil company in Russia, the Rosneft and several banks as well. The global shipping firm Maersk. The world’s biggest advertising company from Britain, WPP. And more.

Much like the ‘WannaCry’ virus last May, ‘Petya’ locks your computer and gives you a series of instructions that will eventually lead you to pay a $300 worth of Bitcoin credits.

Although there are still no suspect as of today, researchers said that releasing the ‘Petya” virus was rather done not for making money but just to cause damage to big companies.




‘Petya’ marks as the second big wave of this ransomware storm.

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