POWERBLAST: Our Top-Notch SMS Marketing Service

Hi! It’s me again, Bee!

Say, have you heard of SMS Marketing? Really? Despite knowing that there are millions of people who are on their phones right now? 

This should be on your top list on marketing option. Here’s why:

SMS Marketing focuses on bulk messaging your market, and possible market with a message of your own choosing. What this implies is that you won’t have to stress texting your clients one by one by copy-pasting their numbers from your contact list. There will already be a built-in software for that. Plus, you can reach those who aren’t even on your list yet.

With SMS Marketing, communicating with your clients have been made easier and…possible. One of the biggest factor that makes SMS Marketing stand out among the rest is that text messages are always read (whether it’s personal or messages from unknown senders) within 3 minutes upon receiving it. Think about the guaranteed exposure there!

Another is that your recipients have the option to opt in or opt out, that way they hold the option to let you message them constantly or not. You will be able to know how many are really interested via observing the opt ins.

It’s cheap, and it’s efficient.

Very efficient!


Look no further than Busybee’s Powerblast!

Powerblast is MyBusybee Inc.’s pillar of success, ensuring quality SMS Marketing like no other. Imagine, being able to reach your market, guaranteed on their phones, in just a single text. 

Powerblast makes it for an easier connection with your clients in just a few clicks away, giving you the advantage as a reliable entrepreneur, without even having to spend too much time off your business.

Be ahead of your competition now! Start with Powerblast!

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