SEARCH ENGINE ADVERTISING: Be There When Your Target Market Needs You

Got a closed-mind advertising on search engines?

Let us help you narrow it down!

Firstly, let’s look at search engines as a direction board or a map, it guides people where to go next on the wide world of the internet. People who are using search engines are mostly looking for something specific. Maybe a product or a service.

Now, imagine a person looking for something, say, where to find this kind of product or service, immediately seeing you after hitting ‘enter’.

That’s the magic that is advertising on search engines, giving you the advantage of targeting people specifically and more importantly reaching people when they need you at best.

You are somehow that blue or red pin indicating a specific point on a map. And it serves as a great help for both you and your target market.


First, if you’re not that familiar with advertising on search engines, this is what it looks like on Google,




What’s even better here is the fact that your website, wouldn’t even move away from page 1. And it is a known fact that most people who are using searching online wouldn’t go farther page 3.

Done better and your website will definitely appear right on top of the search results.

This works well for brand awareness, as we’ve mentioned above, advertising on search engines give you the ability to reach people who share the interest of liking things that are directly related to products and/or services.

Especially with the targeting system of Google, which where you are presented a list of option to let you specifically set the people you are targeting and when and where do you want to reach them. So if I’m a person who has a very large interest in technology, and your business happens to be tech-related, there’s a huge chance you’ll reach me.

Advertising on search engines somehow gives you this impression of being there whenever your market needs you, especially on that kind of placement.


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