Send Out SMS Coupons for an Effective Marketing Campaign

SMS still plays a huge role in the effective marketing campaign of many huge companies. Why else do you think that, after such a long time, they still utilize SMS today?

But here’s a tip for you, to further boost that campaign performance of yours, how about a SMS Coupon?

Since the time coupons were invented, they were one of the top factors that best attract customers in. Some spending countless times cutting or hunting coupons down, hoping to get the largest and most valuable discounts. I mean who doesn’t want to have some huge perk, right? We’re all guilty of it.

Now, combining the concept of coupons with SMS Marketing, what could that mean for your brand? Think about one of the greatest customer-magnet you’ve ever seen.


Let’s be real here. Of all tools intended for marketing, SMS will be the one to stay with us for long. It’s something that can’t just be easily kicked out by the other tools. Why? Because it’s THAT effective.

The fact that people are still and will always  be on mobile is one. The ease of using such tool is another.

Some may say these people have upgraded to smarter and more faster devices, which is true. But as true as it is, the  simple concept of SMS has always been the same, it never got upgraded, because it never needed any upgrade in the first place.

Now, let’s go back to the idea of combining coupons with a SMS marketing campaign. Setting up a bulk messaging campaign with coupons on its content, that’s gold.

Imagine how efficient it would be for the many potential market, reached by your effective SMS marketing campaign. How easy to just causally receive a text message from a brand that says there’s a huge percent off a product/service?

This serves well for both you and your audience, because there’ll be more chances of them to opt-in if they know they’ll (the audience) get something out of it rather than just some random message with a greeting or some bland introduction to your brand.

What’s even better is that once they’ve opted-in to your messages, there’s a chance

So try sending out a SMS coupon today! Use Busybee’s POWERBLAST or BRANDTXT for an even better SMS Marketing performance!

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