Send texts using your browser with the BUSYBEE API

A few years ago, before the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were the norm, texting was all we used to talk to our friends, families, and peers. However, texting remains as the primary alternative to these social networking sites, mainly for the reason that not everyone is online all the time. If the status indicator next to their name isn’t green, then sending them a quick SMS is the way to go.

But what if you don’t have load?

You’re in luck! BUSYBEE will be giving away its browser-based texting API for FREE! You read that right! You can get the API without spending a dime. Though we’ll need you to fill up this form (or if it’s not loading, copy-paste this link into your browser so we can email you the API key. It’s that simple.

Below is a sneak peek at the source code as well as its download link.


Basic Send SMS using HTML & PHP.

<form method=”post” action=””>
<div>Sender: (Sender ID is MAX of 11 Characters only!)
<input type=”text” name=”sender” maxlength=”11″>
<div>Mobile: Mobile Number must be type country code + the 11 digit number (639178372000)
<input type=”text” name=”mobile”>
<div>Message: 160 Characters is 1 credit deduction
<textarea name=”message”></textarea>
<input type=”submit” value=”SUBMIT”>
//Send SMS using API
$smstext = urlencode($messages);
$api=’YOUR API KEY’ //Your Api from BUSYBEE



Again, the source code won’t work if you don’t have the API key. So signup using this form so we can email it to you in the soonest.

If you like the experience, then please send the signup form to your friends as well. Also don’t forget to send us your feedback at or leave a comment below so we can further improve this service.

We hope you enjoy this free browser-based texting API!

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