Should a national candidate go for mobile marketing?

Election fever is always simmering, and even though the polls have only closed less than a year ago, those planning to put their names back on the ballots are already preparing their next bid. With tons of candidates vying for the people’s vote, how can one stand out from the crowd? Sure, there are traditional outlets such as leaflets, flyers, print, television, and radio ads, but to really make a mark, a candidate should seek other forms of advertisement. For example, mobile marketing.

Given that mobile and SMS marketing has a surprisingly high 98% read rate, should a candidate for a national post engage in mobile marketing? Is it worth spending millions in mobile marketing? Is mobile marketing the new age of campaigning in this digital world? Will mobile marketing make a candidate win like former United States President Obama? Will mobile marketing reach the majority of Filipinos in the entire archipelago? Will mobile marketing be as effective as traditional campaign means?

The answer is YES!

Below are some reasons why candidates should not ignore mobile marketing.

First and already stated above, mobile marketing has a staggeringly high read rate upwards of 98%. That means the target recipient has a very high probability of reading your SMS.

Second, mobile marketing is direct. You will be able to reach your target on an individual scale.

Third, mobile marketing is cheap. Yes, it is the most affordable and the most effective tool to reach your target audience. With a cost of less than PHP 1 per SMS, mobile marketing is simply unbeatable.

Fourth, mobile marketing is measurable. It is the only marketing tool which has delivery reports and metrics measuring if your campaign message has reached your target recipient.

Fifth, mobile marketing is interactive. Most traditional marketing tools like television, radio, and print are a one-way channel wherein you cannot interact with your audience. Mobile marketing can be a two-way channel and is an effective means of communicating with your audience.

Sixth, there are more than 106 million mobile phone users in the Philippines. Just do the math. If you can effectively reach even half of that amount, you’re well on your way to getting a national level seat.

Lastly, Filipinos simply love to text. Reaching them through the medium they love is a surefire way to turn some heads.

To summarize, mobile marketing is the hottest thing right now and no one, not even candidates in the national election, should ignore it.

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