SMS for Productivity: How Texting Can Make your Business More Efficient

While SMS is an established means for personal communication, and is a great tool for impactful marketing, it can also be used to effectively collaborate with your team. Communication is an important cog in an enterprising machine, and a fast and near-instantaneous way of relaying messages is key to succeeding. Below are why businesses should use the unassuming 160 character SMS for productivity.

SMS is idiot-proof

Yes, it’s blunt but true: SMS is simply idiot-proof. As long as the users can read, write, and have some semblance of hand-eye coordination, they’ll be able to text. Computers add another layer of complication towards communication; a layer that requires added training. The more “unique” a means of communication is, the more alien features it has, and the slower communicating becomes. On the other hand, phones are easy to navigate and SMS is downright basic. No fussing around with buttons and icons. No CCs and BCCs. No attachments. No signatures. Just a message in its most essential form.

SMS is (almost) instantaneously received and read

Unless the recipient is in a forsaken place somewhere, they’ll likely have signal and some juice left in their phones. That means they’ll receive your message almost instantaneously. Going by the 98% average global read rate as well as the 90 second average global response rate, it becomes a no-brainer why SMS is a legitimate means of corporate communication. And unlike other communication means such as social media, instant messaging, and emails, texts don’t rely on the internet. It’s a practically fail-proof way of reaching out to your teammates.

Out of office workers can use SMS for productivity

Using SMS to coordinate with employees is a more common practice than you’d think. Whether you’re a startup with teammates all over the country, a manager who’s handling tons of freelancers, a construction firm with lots of field workers, or basically anyone whose team is frequently out and about, you can get everyone aligned with a simple text. SMS messaging is especially useful when the recipient doesn’t have the luxury of whipping out a laptop and making a trip to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot.

SMS can be used for distance-learning and training

If you’re required to train and manage subordinates in far-flung areas with spotty internet access, then SMS has the potential to make the process less of a pain. Instructors can relay directions via SMS, set projects, and even facilitate group study sessions via SMS chat rooms. Texting can also be used to facilitate quizzes and comprehension exams, with instructors getting the answers in real-time. Moreover, the 160 character limit encourages students to extract the key takeaways from all the things they have learned.

SMS can be integrated with a central database

The great thing about SMS is that it can be incorporated with a central database for automated responses to common workplace queries. Employees can be easily updated about their tasks, view their daily agenda, check on the status of projects, and be reminded of meetings, among others, when they text specified keywords to a company-designated short code. They can also update their central database with new items, set future meetings, and inform teammates about their timeline. They can even log their working hours when away from the office. Being able to quickly catch up with everything is critical for being productive on the fly.

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