SMS Marketing Basics: Utilizing the Tool…the Right Way!

There’s no room for too much formality in SMS Marketing…which is a good thing! Clients would appreciate that even more, giving them the impression of talking to you as a close friend, rather than an entrepreneur who offers a product and/or business. This is exactly one of the many benefits that SMS Marketing provides marketers, a deeper relationship with clients.

Utilize your SMS Marketing well! Remind yourself of the following when you do:



One of the advantages of using SMS Marketing is the fact that research shows text messages are read within 3 minutes upon receiving it. And it includes even those messages that would come from people who aren’t even saved on the contact list, further increasing the chance of exposure for marketers. Of course, it’s hard to ignore a text message. But who’s to say people enjoy reading a bunch of deep words pieced together as if it was a term paper or a heartfelt speech. SMS is not a land for formality.

Keep things casual with a friendly greeting and content. Stop crowding your markets’ inboxes with too many formal words.



SMS Marketing only provides 160 characters per text message. While you might be wondering that’s already a no-no, let me tell you this, it is in fact an advantage. Going back, you don’t need to crowd your market’s inbox. People on mobiles appreciate it even more if they aren’t given a long message to read, considering your markets’ busy lifestyle. Thanks to this restriction, your chances of getting read gets higher.

Now, given the character limitations, this is where you put your creativity. Much like a Twitter post, your creativity will be tested on a short and simple message. Always keep in mind that the more you sound like a concerned friend to a client, offering a solution to their problem, and adding in a subtle call to action (you must end with a call to action, but don’t exaggerate it. Make it sound like they need your product and/or service now to eliminate the problems that you have the capability to solve), trust that the 160 limitation won’t be a problem.



Finally, on the note that you should sound friendly rather than being more like an entrepreneur. Just keep in mind to never oversell being friendly, something that will make you sound like you’re trying too hard to get close to your markets. Establish a relationship first. Keep it casual.


SMS Marketing, you say?

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