The “DON’Ts” Of Email Marketing

Newcomers of digital marketing (yes, there are still those), often mistake email marketing as a tool of the past. Some have tried to utilize this tool only to end up disregarding it, claiming it wasn’t as effective as it was before.

It is still, though, and we’ve actually talked about it in the past (click here to read about that)

Now, maybe it’s not the tool that’s the problem, maybe you’re just not using it right?

Here are the DON’Ts of email marketing for you, so that the next time you consider email marketing (and you should), you’ll know what to avoid.



You know what’s the thing of the past…generic subject lines. Lines in ALL CAPS, LIKE, YOU’RE SCREAMING AT YOUR READERS!!! Or maybe something desperate like a 50% off an item, only for the readers to open it and finding no information regarding the discount. These types of subject lines don’t seem inviting in today’s standards, because they’re robotic and…desperate.

Subject lines urge creativity by cramming up something inviting in only a phrase. Don’t fool your audience by promising them something on the subject line, that just lessens your brand’s credibility, and please, enough yelling at your readers, it’s not exciting, it’s irritating.

Have you ever heard the story of how former U.S. President Barack Obama’s marketing team utilized email marketing? They used simply some of the most creative subject lines to win hearts of voters over. (read it here:



The most annoying thing on the emailing world right now, SPAMMERS! Spam emails are hated for a reason, and if you’re new to email marketing, flooding your target market with so much email messages is a big NO! And there’s a reason why it’s illegal to ignore the opt-out decision of email recipients, because IT. IS. TOO. ANNOYING! And possibly harassing.



Let’s say you got your readers to open the message, what are the chances of them actually reading your messages? If you hurled too much text in it, chances are, your readers wouldn’t even pass the first two sentences. So keep it short and creative for the readers to easily scan. Don’t give everything away yet, let your message introduce your brand first, and if they’re interested, you can leave your number in the message for  them to call you once their curiosity’s tickled.



If you’re thinking it’s just sending and waiting, you are terribly mistaken, my friend. See if you don’t watch over your campaign, how will you know when to switch from Plan A to Plan B (and you should definitely have a Plan B). It’s why some people lose faith on email marketing, because they think since there are no responses, it’s useless. Well, maybe there’s something wrong with your campaign, consider the things above and redo.



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