The Future of Customer Service Relies on an Effective Old Concept

Tired of waiting for the next agent to be available? Be put on-hold every time you wait for an answer which the agent couldn’t give? Or be transferred from one department to another? We’ve all been there. Although the functions of a Customer Service Hotline are for businesses and companies to be reachable, there still seems to be something unreachable or impersonal about this method.

Maybe it’s the fact that most of the time when there’s a problem, a conversation between a customer service representative and a client always tend to go South due to misunderstandings. Customers tend to talk with their rage out, usually resulting to no resolution.

Is this really the “reachable” factor that most companies are going for?


Being “reachable” means you’re somehow personally in-touch with your market. It means you’re rather a partner than an entrepreneur.

Most small, medium, or even large enterprises would now prefer the aid of an old concept that’s still efficient and probably even more effective than having a hotline; SMS messaging. The future of Customer Service relies on an old untouchable concept.

There’s something about a text message that feels friendly. Although the corporate world prefer email and not a text message when it comes to proposals or even just a simple message. They think a text message is too informal. But your market don’t need that kind of formality. How many instances where a target market replies to email proposals? Chances are, none. People don’t regularly read emails, unless it’s work-related or from someone they know. What they do regularly open are text messages.

Hit them with messages that will make you look like the concerned entrepreneur, rather than someone who hurries their market into buying something. A text message gives that friendly image that all businesses should have. It simply means that you’re that kind of, let’s say, a friend who reaches out to another without even being asked to. You’re giving the friendly initiative to your market, and that makes you a real concerned entrepreneur.

And if you are wondering, this might take me too long because I have to text my clients one by one. That’s not really a problem. One of MyBusyBee’s top product is its SMS Marketing, which consists of the Powerblast.

Powerblast lets businesses reach millions of people on their mobile phones with just a single text and in 160 characters. Notify your market on any announcements, reminders, or promos that you’re sure they need.

You can even let your market receive a customized text message from you with their name! 

What’s even better is the fact that your market can now reply to you! A two-way program so that you can catch your clients on their best time. No more making your clients wait. And no more misunderstandings!

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