Understanding Your Online Market in 4W’s

Despite the world of marketing making its upgrade to digital, there are still some a factor that today’s digital marketing still share with the traditional way of marketing.

And that factor stands where an entrepreneur steps into the market’s shoes.

One of the biggest things to consider for an effective marketing is the idea that an entrepreneur should always think like a consumer. This enables him/her to understand the market’s activities, likes or dislikes, and places where they’d usually go to, further advancing the strategy as to where an ad should be placed.

In digital marketing, it’s no different. Sure, the advertising may only be grounded mostly on the wild world of the Internet. But with tools like social media advertising and the use of Google, it’s no different at all.

Think like your market! Start here:


Who are your customers? Simple. Only this time, you don’t just set a demographic. Here online, you have to basically think the kind of online users you are targeting. Age, sure. But you have to consider their online habits. What do they usually do online? Do they like this or share that? Or maybe they’d prefer to interact and comment? This works well if you’re targeting through social media ads.

If you’re using Google Adwords, however, you have to figure out what do they usually look for, and how do they look for them? Meaning the type of words they use in looking for a particular product and/or service. It is necessary to come up with keywords that are close to what an average consumer would use. Once you’ve narrowed it down, your ad won’t have a hard time reaching your market through Google Adwords.


Same as with the traditional marketing, you have to know where your market would usually go to. In this case, where across in the Internet can they be seen usually. Knowing this, you’ll be able to set which social media platform or which online marketing tool are you going to use to target these people.

Another factor is literally the location. This is an option you can do if you’re using any digital marketing tool that could specifically target your audience. If there’s a place, a city, a town, you can use this option to reach everyone wherever you want.


Further studying your market’s habits, you get to understand the time they’re usually online. Knowing this will make you further organized as to what time can your ad be posted, or what time you should add post. This way, you’ll have a great chance to be seen by your client.


But you don’t have to worry about all these. Just let the right people do the work. And we are the right people!

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