Utilizing SMS Marketing for Schools: Here’s How!

Thought SMS Marketing or bulk messaging are for businesses only?

No, it’s not.

Because whoever needs the capability of sending out important messages to a number of people in just a single text, don’t need a business to use SMS Marketing.

An example would be schools.

People who work as a school admin knows exactly the dread of sending out announcements or especially sending out emergency cancellation of classes through posting on social media (hoping that students will see it and spread it to other students) or having professors spread the message across their students via mass texting. In colleges, this is exactly the case. But the problem comes when some professors don’t have all the numbers of their students, or classmates to other classmates. Some would just assume, say on a bad weather, that the classes are cancelled the next day. But some would still risk going to school as they weren’t informed of the cancellation.

And it’s not just for emergency cancellations. The use of SMS Marketing is relevant to reminding students of an important message. Perhaps a deadline for a term paper, or an important exam no one should miss, or even an event (whether students are required to go or not). Enough with letting teachers worry if they reach out to all their students, or wasting any personal load, and have SMS Marketing, guaranteed, to do the job for them.

In middle schools and elementary schools, the announcements would usually go through the parents. And same case goes here, what if the admin doesn’t have all the numbers? This kind of tool is also needed for calling out parents to PTA meetings or telling them any information that the students should know.

What you should always remember is to have all the numbers, put them all in one list, and let the software do its thing.

And the next thing you should remember is call the right SMS Marketing service provider for a quality bulk messaging with no disruption of any kind.


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