Why Using ‘Clickbait’ isn’t Really Working Anymore?

Ever come across a link on social media that would go something like this…


                Man was dying on hospital, what he said to his wife will surprise you.


                Girl tried this product on her face, you’ll never guess what happened.


                Child who’s been missing for fourteen years, shows up and does this to his mother.


A clickbait would usually appear as thumbnails or, like the examples above, close-ended headlines online that are used to trick people’s curiosity into clicking. Unfortunately, it is often that these clickbaits would usually lead to a rather disappointing content than how it was promised, and are only used to gather web viewers.

Most websites use clickbaits thinking that they could gather more visitors in their pages from curious people online. Although as effective in terms of hooking people’s curiosity—who here hasn’t been hooked by one of these—clickbaits today don’t really promise any high rate of traffic.



At its peak, sure, let’s admit that the use of clickbait was successful. But considering the number of websites abusing this method and further disappointing people online, many people have grown tired of falling victims to clickbaits. And if you’re thinking that by hooking people via clickbaits would invite more readers in, no, it wouldn’t actually. Because yes, they may click on clickbaits, but how certain are you that once they’ve clicked they can guarantee a prolonged stay on your site? Especially if you don’t promise them the content they were hoping for when they clicked on the link.



It truly is an unfortunate thing how most people would think that a clickbait is the effective way to go in terms of getting more readers. In the end, it will still rely on how good you make your content and your reader’s own criteria if they want more from you or not. And not how you hooked them with over-the-top clickbaits.

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